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Anna and Jim Parton live in and are restoring the palace and park at Piotrowice Nyskie with their five small children.  Follow this link to see them describe their experience (in Polish)

Before moving to Poland, Jim was an author and journalist. He was born in Nairobi, the son of a British Army officer and has lived in Belgium, Germany, Malaysia, France, England (London) and Japan.

So why Poland? "We could have stayed in England. But we fell in love with this house, it's a wonderful project. Of course, having a Polish wife made the decision to take on a crumbling Polish mansion a whole lot easier. Also, I am convinced that Poland is on the launch pad to great things, the people are vibrant, energetic and ambitious, whereas my country is a little tired - we suffer advanced country disease. This was a risky adventure, it could so easily have been a disaster, but nearly all the surprises have been good ones..."

Although Jim is making progress in learning Polish, he depends on Anna who is a brilliant project manager, though the children keep her busy too. She is from Bielsko-Biala, where she was a maths teacher before going on an adventure to London for six years to learn English. Jim and Anna met at Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club, where Anna worked and Jim was a member.